In 2012, The NBM Show is offering thirty 60-minute, 90-minute and 2-hour lecture style classes covering a wide variety of topics. Our topic categories include Design, Business, Awards & Engraving, Printwear, and Sign & Digital Graphics.

Class Pricing:

Unlimited Classes (per person)
Register by April 11th: $175  |  After April 11th: $199

Single Class (per person)
Register by April 11th: $50 per class  |  After April 11th: $75 per class

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Class list:

102. How to Vectorize Logos and Pictures Using CorelDraw

You will learn how to take any logo and vectorize it using CorelDraw. No trace program will be used for this demonstration. More Details

104. An Introductory Look at Applying and Removing Vinyl Graphics

You will learn step-by-step instructions on installing vinyl graphics and lettering, as well as vinyl removal and clean-up. More Details

106. Beware the Blind Spot: 5 Things Your Business Must Consider Today

You will learn what a blind spot is, why it matters and walk away with specific concepts you can apply to your organization. More Details

108. Direct Digital Equipment – Maximizing & Protecting Your Investment

You will learn what key components of a direct-to-substrate (D2) printer should receive regular preventative maintenance to minimize downtime as well as some important tips that every D2 shop should implement to maximize their investment in the printer. More Details

110. Heat Transfers – What's Hot!

You will learn about the latest trends in the heat printing industry, various processes available, see examples of special effect finishes and even get tricks and tips on how to produce killer designs for apparel and accessories that are sure to create a buzz with your customers. More Details

112. CorelDRAW: Beyond the Basics

If you’ve mastered the basics of CorelDRAW, but you want to expand your skill set and increase your productivity, this class is for you. More Details

114. Garment Screen Printing: Full-Color Process & Simulated Process, Separation, Film Output & Production

IYou will learn the essential skills to consistently produce professional, four-color process and simulated process prints. More Details

116. CorelDRAW: Proven Strategies for Multi-Decoration Apparel Graphics

In this class, Craig Mertens will focus on a variety of imprinting equipment including sublimation printers, direct-to-garment printers, vinyl cutters and embroidery machines. More Details

118. Social Media: How and When to Do What

You will learn that social media is about psychology not technology—and these are tools that we must control not ones that should control us. More Details

120. Job Tracking, Workflow & Estimating – Creating an Organized System for Your Sign Shop

You will learn how to create an organized workflow system for your business from estimation through completion. More Details

200. You Can Always Sell More: How Up-Selling Could Increase Your Revenues 30%-60%

You will learn fresh selling ideas that should prompt your sales people so that they will not just settle for an average-sized order. More Details

202. Create a One-Stop Shop - Diversify with Embroidery

You will learn how adding embroidery to current offerings can increase your business' bottom line. More Details

204. Customer Service is Still Key

You will learn techniques on how to set your business apart from the competition, not only in product but with significant results to your bottom line. More Details

206. Using RIPS Efficiently: Tiling/Scaling/Ganging Jobs/Color Management & More

You will learn how to setup a RIP, how to tile, gang, and manage jobs, reduce your cost of materials and how to get the work done as fast as possible with the RIP. More Details

208. Creating Profitable Specialty Garments: Beyond Special Effects

You will learn to understand the process requirements necessary for specialty applications from art and design concepts, separation, screen making, color matching and on-press tips to really wow your customers with today’s high dollar fashion terms like water base, foil, discharge, high density, treatments, all over, mixed media and others. More Details

210. Pain-Free Sublimation Startup – On Track for Trouble-Free Printing

You will learn how to guard against costly errors in sublimation printing, how to choose the right equipment, what the proper production parameters are for everyday applications and how you can produce profits without sacrificing quality and efficiency. More Details

212. Laser Engraving – How to Price for Profit

You will learn how to find pricing for your laser products and stay profitable enough to grow your business. More Details

214. The Art of Networking... 10 Tips to Make You One of the Best

Decide where you want to go and let this class help you to determine the Art to NETWORKING with those who will introduce or put you in front of the decision makers. More Details

216. Building Embroidery Stitching: What You Need & Want to Know About Digitizing

You will learn the basics to help take the mystery out of digitizing as well as some tips and tricks to make your embroidery digitizing SING whether you are a novice or veteran digitizer. More Details

218. Forms 101: What You Need to Run an Organized Business

This is the one seminar that can and will change your business. You will learn how to organize your business all the way from Sales to Employees. More Details

220. Wide Format Printing: Finishing Efficiently Without Failure

You will learn how to laminate, mount, cut, trim, grommet, hang, install and just about every aspect of the finishing part of large format graphics. More Details

222. Want to Grow? Find, Hire and (Affordably) Pay the Perfect Sales Person for Your Business

You will learn how to write a great job posting, solicit qualified candidates, hire the best sales people and inspire them to be über-successful with a rewarding yet affordable compensation plan. More Details

306. Tapping Into the Secrets of Lighted Laser Engraved Signage

You will learn how to design and create compelling, exciting and dynamic lighted signage using a laser engraver. More Details

308. How to Get Top-Dollar Marketing Results Without Spending a Fortune

You will learn inexpensive tips and techniques necessary to have your customers think of you first when they are shopping for the things you sell. More Details

310. Why Your Business Needs to be Ready to Sell & the Steps to Get There

You will learn how to prepare for making the biggest sale of your business life. More Details

312. How to Get More Business from Your Existing Clients & Execute a Better Marketing Plan

You will learn how to make more money from your existing clients. More Details

314. Making Your Business Different by Design

You will learn how to set yourself apart from your competition by using the secrets of the masters. More Details

316. Specialty Garments and Inks Explained

You will learn how to print water-base & plastisol special-effects inks successfully. Plus, get tips for specialized printing including burnout, discharge and performance. More Details

318. Honing Your Pricing Prowess So You Can Produce a Profit & Make Your Prices Stick

You will learn why each of the four most commonly used methods for setting price don't work in this new economy and how to develop a winning one that will assure you of being profitable. More Details

320. Help! Get Me Out of This Mess! A-Z What You Need to Know in the Large Format Business

You will learn “how to”! We kid you not. If you have a question or want to know the best way to do something in your business, David King has done it and will share with you some of his best practices. More Details



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